Arthur Walwin at The Maze, Nottingham

Through the release of his two most recent singles, This Feels Like Summer! and Bad, we’ve been supporting London-based pop singer/songwriter Arthur Walwin. Yesterday, we posted the chat we had with him before the final show of his UK tour before he heads over to America next week, at one of Nottingham’s more intimate venues – The Maze.

We previously had chance to check out Arthur’s live show at Macmillan Fest, and here he returns with his solo show, lead by the same fluid vocals that made his set so unique before. Despite the soft side to his voice it remains powerful, a raw edge to his songs giving chance for his distinct vocals to come into their own. And of course, laced throughout the show is the home-grown-pop infusion that makes Arthur’s work the stand-out that it is.

So Much For An Early Night and Someone Who Knows (Arthur’s biggest original YouTube hit) both give chance for him to show the dexterity in his vocal work; stripped back to simply a guitar, the instrumental backs up this sound and focuses attention on him. With such a stage presence this forced focus is hardly needed though, and a confident set isn’t hindered by the familiarity that links him to the music only enhances the show. The same assurance is evident in his current work, with This Feels Like Summer!‘s out-of-season sound seeming more appropriate without a full band.

As well as a range of Arthur’s own music the night wound in two covers – Taking Back Sunday’s MakeDamnSure and The 1975’s Sex. The former of these is introduced with an anecdote regarding his choice to include it; it’s moments like this that work so well in an intimate venue and add a personal touch to the set, blended in seamlessly with sing-a-long tracks that only a stadium could do justice to. Penultimate song of the night, Sex, is enhanced beyond The 1975’s original with Arthur’s crisp and distinct vocals marking their space on the track.

Another of his original’s, So Nice To Meet You was undeniably one of the cleanest performed that night; a romantic fondness laced through the tight lyricism makes this a track with “I wish I could’ve written that” embedded on your mind afterwards. In our interview with him, the singer/songwriter talks about how other forms of art influence him, making reference to one of the most striking line of the set, from All For You – “I saved all my favourite chords for you”. With the crowd joining in with the close of the track (“This is love / This is ours / This is all for you”), there couldn’t have been a better way to close the show.

Despite being an acoustic show in an intimate venue, it’s not had to picture how the same set could be built up to a full band and take on a sold-out arena.

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