As December Falls – Capture review

Last night, As December Falls dropped their video for Capture, the quartet’s new single out on 30th March. After forming in late 2013, the band set themselves to releasing their debut EP A Home Inside Your Head, which came out in November 2014. Despite being female-fronted, the band don’t let that define their music, with frontwoman Bethany Curtis providing all the kick to the music that any alternative rock band could wish for, and it’s not difficult to see why the likes of BBC’s Dean Jackson and Left Lion’s Sam Nahirny think so highly of the four piece.

It’s all too easy to compare a female fronted band to Paramore, but with addictive, “And the stars didn’t know what hit ’em / We’d sing all our songs way past / The point of being tired / And if your heart’s still beating scream”, being such a strong chorus, there’s the temptation to do so – think “new” Paramore, but with more riffs and bite. If CHVRCHES did rock music, this is what it’d sound like, with catchy hooks and a beat that leaves you as inclined to dance as to mosh. A pumped up pre-chorus makes the track even better, giving all the proof you need that they can construct a storming single.

Check out the video for Capture below.

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