As It Is – This Mind Of Mine review

As It Is FinalUnlike so many bands who incorporate an intro as a separate track, Brighton-via-Minneapolis’s As It Is open their EP without hesitation. This Mind of Mine sounds almost radio ready, and although at times the vocals feel slightly overpowered by the drum-heavy instrumental, the lyrics are raw and honest. The breakdown gives chance for the lyrics to be fore-fronted, and as the music builds up around the line “you’re my favourite lie”, it’s apparent that an EP which had begun with downright firey energy can be contained and moulded into a talented firework show.

Horoscopes brings about a more abrupt start, with a more suited match of music and vocals. The catchy chorus manages to capture Patty‘s (Walters, vocals) desperation to believe in something, and lines such as “fear that keeps my eyes glued to the ceiling” work not only as a personal comment, but almost challenge the listener, too. The second track possesses more structure, too, and another distinguishable breakdown highlights the band’s creativity, coupled with lines such as “just bodies in boxes”. This time, the drumming supports the music and doesn’t crowd it, and the slightly unexpected gradual close will leave a live crowd chanting for the next track.

The guitar and vocal intro to the third records shows the music doesn’t require the drumming to stand as a masterpiece, yet when it is brought in, it adds a flavour to the music. The vocals combine spectacularly in the track, and although some of the lines feel a little predicable, it doesn’t deduct from the brutal – yet somehow, hopeful – self-deprecation.

The final track’s calm introduction makes a somewhat refreshing change, and gives chance for the band to show that it doesn’t need to be loud for it to be good. The understated drumming builds up a heartbeat in the music, and when the song does begin to break from the serenity of the routine, the unsparing desperation rips a power into the track that remains there long after the EP has finished.

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