Benjamin Verdoes – Highly Emotional review

Pause what you’re doing for four and a half minutes, and allow yourself to soak up more delicacy, intricacy, and atmosphere than you believed four and a half minutes could possess. September 18th marks the release of the new EP from Seattle beat-maker Benjamin Verdoes, a man of multi-instrumental talent and haunting vocals, with latest single Highly Emotional being the first track released off The One & The Other, having been premiered on Consequence of Sound.

Don’t be fooled by the soft, deliberate vocals that open the track into thinking Highly Emotional is merely a minimalistic acoustic song; layers, sampling and beats bring up the force, and the atmosphere lands full force. Though seeming to shy away from a dramatic crescendo the music alludes to, the dips and breaks in volume make it a song that compels you to continue listening, never falling stagnant or anywhere short of impressive. Continuously unfolding and with too much attention needed to the undertones to satisfy one’s thirst in a first listen, Highly Emotional is a fine sample of what’s to come.

You can stream Highly Emotional below.

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