BoyMeetsWorld – Become Someone review


The first thought that may come to mind with this band is the 90’s sitcom of the same name. Perhaps that’s not what they wanted, but it’s hard not to think of since there’s always been an obsession with TV references in band names (Fall Out Boy, Chunk! No Captain Chunk! The Wonder Years, just a couple examples), but maybe that’s an obvious observation to make.

Unfortunately, like the band name, the music itself isn’t all that original. Not to say that the music is bad, but there just wasn’t much to take from this album honestly, not much stuck with me. Now I know that this style of music is rarely original but there are usually some catchy hooks to take away from them (Chumped did it fairly well on their debut last year) but this album didn’t have many at all. They kept it quite safe and stuck to the usual pop rock album formula throughout (The slower ballad type track, You I Belong To, the “I’m sick of my job song”, and the repeated “woah oh’s” throughout the album). Again this isn’t a bad thing as there is an audience for this album, and is sure to expand once they’ve played Warped Tour this summer. However, there are so many albums in this style that it’s just boring at this point to hear more of that sound, and this band doesn’t put much of an interesting spin on the genre. There are similarities to early All Time Low and New Found Glory, and other bands that use the break down moments which really haven’t sounded good in any song ever but particularly don’t sound good when the band is opting for more pop flavoured music. Even when this band embraces their pop punk influences like on Where This Road Leads or Still I Think, there isn’t any melody backing the song and it sounds like a mess.

The lead single (similar sounding to something from Tonight Alive’s debut, I’d recommend it for fans of that) Best You’ve Ever Had which goes for the “you could’ve had me / I was the best option but you didn’t pick me” shtick which is admittedly self-centred but if anything it’s just overused, only last year We Are The In Crowd used this on their lead single as well. It is one of the better choruses on the album however. Then again, Moving On has a fairly bouncy chorus that with the right crowd, it could make for a decent live song.

All of this may seem harsh considering it’s a debut, but it seems like another band jumping on the bandwagon and playing the same style that somehow audiences haven’t gotten bored of yet. I’ll give it to the vocalist for not sounding as whiny as most in this style though, but I honestly couldn’t pick him out of a line-up when distinguishing his voice from other pop rock bands.

“Maybe I’ll get introspective, and take on a new perspective”, hopefully this will happen to this genre one day, but for now, it doesn’t seem like that’s gonna happen.

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