Brigitte Aphrodite – Creshendorious review

At a first glance, Brigitte Aphrodite seems like your classic, glorious show-woman who’s capable of anything; singer, poet, songwriter. At a further glance, there’s so much more to her than that. Creshendorious comes from her debut full length release, which is set to appear at Latitude and Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer. Yes, Creshendorious comes from a musical – My Beautiful Black Dog pioneers a style of “gig theatre”, drawing on the influences of rock ‘n’ roll as much as of the stage, creating a work that challenges mental health stigma.

This single is set for release on August 7th, coinciding with the Edinburgh Fringe, and can be streamed below. From humble guitar beginnings swells a Kate Nash-esque piece (it’s no surprise Brigitte’s previously supported her), switching deftly from passionate spoken word to fluid singing in the intricately linked lyrics of the chorus. With all the enchanting madness of the dream which opens the narrative, Brigitte creates a boisterous four minute delight.

Stream Creshendorious below.

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