Brother Goose – Lone Ranger review

Tomorrow marks the release of the new single from indie rockers Brother Goose, a south coast quintet that infuse their rocky edge with an electronic side. 2014 saw them masses of success, including live sessions for various local BBC radio stations and with this promising new offering, this year seems to be ready to shape up the same way. Below you can check out the band’s fun new video forĀ Lone Ranger.

The track is filled with dancey hooks and pumped up riffs, and with a twangy, manic side in the instrumentals to contrast the clean cut chorus, it’s a neat, polished sound that’s as infectious as it is tight. From this track alone, it’s easy to tell that Brother Goose are one of the best bands breaking into this genre – I don’t mean that as a journalist’s throwaway superlative. With the punchy sound and contagious atmosphere they set, they’re bound to go far.

Watch the video forĀ Lone Ranger below.

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