Bulletproof Rose – Loud Hard Fast review

BULLETPROOFROSEMonday 27th April marks the release of the debut offering from Cumbria’s rock quartet, Bulletproof Rose. The five track release, Loud Hard Fast, was unveiled with the intention of making a mark on the UK rock scene, encapsulates everything their vivid live show is said to boast. After working up a name for themselves in their local area with their performance, and eventually solidifying their lineup last year, after forming back in 2012, the four piece have their sights on making an honest mark on the scene.

From opening track Bulletproof Rose, all the classic rock influences prevail. An onslaught of riffs knocks you back with every song, and whilst there’s a little left to be desired from the production, it’s a phenomenal quality for a debut effort. Vocals and percussion match up fantastically to give moments of overwhelming energy, and every line Jacob Siddle delivers is laden with passion.

Second Gypsy is the sort of track that’d be perfect for cinematic purposes -in fact, if Wyld Stallyns from the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure films were good, they’d sound a lot like Bulletproof Rose. Take the incredible fret work of George Carlin in the film, and you’ve got the perfect sample of what the quartet sound like, especially in the lengthy instrumental of closing Loud Hard Fast, a massive highlight of the EP.

These are songs very clearly made for a live show – they’ve done well to encapsulate the energy as well as they have, but I imagine it does no justice to Bulletproof Rose’s performance. For anyone searching for a classic rock influenced band, citing the likes of ACDC, Motley Crue and Gun ‘N’ Roses as their benchmarkers, this’ll do the trick. Best listened to at a painfully high volume, with excessive air guitar.

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