By Crimson Light – Aeons review


It’s all too common for a band to work especially hard on the breakdowns in their songs, put a lot of effort in and create an original and creative section, then effectively leave the rest of the track to chance. With some of the breakdowns I hear, I wonder how good the tracks would be if the band put as much effort into every part of their music. With By Crimson Light’s EP, Aeons, it feels like every chord, every riff, every vocal combination has had the same concentrated effort as many just put into a dramatic breakdown.

By rough definition, the word “aeons” means a long and undetermined amount of time, which is what must have been spent on this record, as from the elegant title-track intro to the harsh vocals and electronic riffs which finish the EP, I’m finding it hard to fault. The just-shy-of-two-minute opener centres around a fantastic piano solo which in time is joined with spoken word. Although this leads you into the idea that this may turn into something rather similar to La Dispute, the harsh vocals brought in from the opening of the second track snap you out of the reverie you’re put into.

There’s no gradual way to bring in such powerful vocals – why waste the time to show of such talent? What amazes me throughout the tracks is how sublimely the contrasting piano and rough vocals fit together; neither feels out of place with the other. The clean vocals on the record (although crisp or possibly equanimous would be a better description) harmonise completely, and although they would be equally fitting in a pop-punk song, the band bring them in to serve their purpose here perfectly.

The place for this record is by no means being given away free online (although if you’re interested, that’s where you’ll find it); the tracks from this are of a calibre similar to those featured of Daniel P Carter’s rock show, and that’s where this should be found. The band have been around for little over two years, and to be already producing work of this standard, all I can say is this – expect big things.

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