Callista – Hemingway review

Callista have had a successful couple of years, releasing their debut EP In My Blood in 2013 and a follow up, Weight Of The World, in 2014. Hailing from Worthing on the south coast of England, the band quickly worked a name up for themselves with their memorable, visual live show, leaving them sharing a stage with the likes of Palm Reader, Devil Sold His Soul and We Butter The Bread with Butter to name a few. Last night the band dropped Hemingway, the first single off their forthcoming third EP, set for release later this year.

The lyrics behind the song, which you can check out below, were inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s novel Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises, as well as detailing the breakdown of a relationship and regretting the time spent with someone. Although the band stick to their DIY attitude, they brought in a friend, Russ at Soundbyte, to record and produce the track.

Though the video seems predominantly shot on an iPhone when not using old footage, leaving something to be desired from the quality, the music works itself into a niche in the melodic hardcore genre. Think vocals akin to that of flatsound, built up with Bring Me The Horizon-esque instrumental, weighted to percussion and soaring riffs. Bringing movement to stagnant water, the band show they’re kicking off the year in the right way.

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