Callista – Live EP review

castcoverBased in Worthing on the South Coast of England, melodic hardcore outfit Callista are set to release a brand new Live EP on June 29th, following on from the release of their new single, Hemingway.

The EP opens with Burden of Existence, combining orchestral strings with a haunting piano sound. Harsh, screamed vocals thrown over a plethora of distorted guitars gives this track such an emotional, almost gut-wrenching power, before the song fades out. Despite frontman Scott’s claim of being ‘shit at talking’, song introductions make for some amusing entertainment between tracks. In My Blood sticks with the same harsh vocal work and distorted guitars fading in and out, while threatening drum beats add a hint of darkness to the track.

The EP appears to be cut from a live performance as Scott introduces the next track as Hindsight, only to introduce it again on track three as their new single Hemingway. The remarkable thing about this EP, however, is the raw emotion behind everything that Callista do. Roaring vocals compliment the guitars as they build up into something almost transcendent, while the drum work gives this disorderly emotion some structure.

Recorded, this single was impressive in itself, but there’s something far more intimate about this live EP. Whether you’re hearing these songs on the EP or you’re able to get to a live show, Callista will not disappoint, that’s for sure.

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