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Chasing CadenceOn 14th July, Chasing Cadence release their video for new single, Heartstrong – we caught up with Rob Barlow of the band to have a chat about things!

Hi, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us- let’s get things started, who are you and what sort of sound do you create?
A loud one I hope! We’ve been labelled with a few genres, post-hardcore, hardrock, pop-punk. I think we like straight up rock music.

Last week released your music video for Heartstrong – what’s the meaning behind the track?
The meaning behind the track is a very personal one. The lyrics were originally written to portray a third person’s perspective on domestic violence, but the video actually depicts how domestic violence in a home can affect children. However there is also an underlying concept about how you can run away from your problems but inevitably you one day have to face them.

What’s been the reaction to the track and video so far?
Its been outstanding, we’ve gone in a complete different direction with this video and we were really worried that it was a risk and people wouldn’t get it, but so many people have come back saying how it really touched them.

How much involvement did you have in creating the music video?
I (Rob) and our director (Rich) were left to our own devices with the concept of the video, but when it came down to filming and editing we left it to Rich completely he’s an extremely competent dude and his eye really made the video come to life, obviously we put in our feedback and some ideas but Rich is without a doubt the brains behind the whole thing.

Why did you choose the focus of the video to be a child as opposed to, say, one of you?
I think it worked with the concept a lot better, it also makes it a little darker. I believe that children in particular are far more affected by their surroundings that someone a little older who is more independent.

Last month you played Download’s Red Bull stage – how was that?
It was mindblowing, without a doubt the quickest and best experience of ours lives and we really hope they have us back next year!

Who else did you get to see over the weekend?
I think our personal highlights were LetLive, Jamie Lenman, Sikth and Avenged, heartbroken we clashed with Marmozets as I saw them a few weeks before and they were jaw dropping. So much love for those guys at the moment.

Any stand out high/lowlights of it for you?
Definitely no lows. Band wise I think I’ve listed them all above, but other than that just the overall treatment we were given, especially in the VIP camping and the press area, everyone was extremely friendly and very approachable, it just made us feel exceedingly comfortable.

And, finally, what do the band have planned for the rest of the summer?
We’ve got Tramlines Festival this weekend, then a few 1 off shows dotted throughout the next few months, plus we’re announcing a September tour in the next week or so!

Thanks for taking time to chat with us, good luck with the video!

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