Chasing Ghosts – Everything Changes review

Chasing Ghosts may have only been officially formed at the start of the year, but they’ve already already had a fair bit of notice, receiving airplay on thirty radio stations in a single week. At the back end of 2014, founding members Lee Brueton and Harry Mitten – who’d previously boasted success in a four year stint with Embersfire – recruited James Marsh and John Watt and headed into the studio to record their debut three track EP with the help of Enter Shikari engineer Tim Morris. Their first offering Everything Changes, can be streamed below.

Speaking of the track, Lee states, “I wrote the song Everything Changes as I travelled Africa, experiencing the various cultures, landscapes and impoverished conditions. I always write the music first, but the lyrics I always find slightly more difficult. The song itself is about how we must all evolve to survive or face extinction, this applies to our everyday lives, relationships, jobs, fortune and also the bigger picture of the human race as a species and how a lot of us turn to religion in our hour of reckoning.”

The four minute epic is fierce blast of music, with a hint of Muse creeping into the soaring vocals, supported by a wedge of mammoth riffs. The band pay attention to more intricate moments with a keyboard close, but there’s a real sense of hugeness with a boisterous sound and depth between the layers of vocal work. Stream Everything Changes, out on April 13th, below.

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