Coast to Coast – Empty review

This summer saw Japanese pop-punk/easycore six-piece release their debut EP Lessons Learned, a work that’s been a long time coming for the band. Tackling themes of growing up and life experiences, an area in which the band have a rather extensive knowledge, Empty is the opening single of the release. Between hospitalisation, hiatus and reforming, and sharing stages with the likes of A Loss For Words, State Champs and PVRIS, they’ve been an outfit that’ve truly stuck through thick and thin, and come out the other side better for it.

Empty reflects on the pressures of life choices and giving up dreams for a safe option of security, a story the music video sums up excellently. Although as people the band stick very much to the cliche of having little more than music in common, they do well to break cliches with their work. It’s not uncommon to find small pop-punk bands sound overly rough or trying too hard with their music, in the literal sense of straining the work to sound like their influences; this isn’t the case with Coast to Coast. Comfortable and confident yet with the same resolution, honesty and earworm-quality of other pop-punk/easycore bands, their self-assured sound makes Empty a compelling, instantly likeable track.

You can watch the video for Empty below.

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