Cute Cute Death – Pockets review

Cute Cute Death describe their music, well, bizarrely to say the least. Take their latest single Pockets for example, of which they paint a picture featuring a monkey, a llama, a cheese grater, and a Kawasaki Ninja. Mmm hmm. The London post-hardcore quintet came together after drummer Wayne Kopman and guitarist Johnny Correia relocated to the capital from JHB South Africa, and with several line up changes and a new name under their belts (previously going as Set The Air On Fire), the band are set to release their latest work.

The five minute track matches a rather creepy and unsettling video (with a twist in the final seconds) accompanies the post-hardcore sound of early Deaf Havana, harsh vocals slicing themselves neatly between the clean ones, with more creativity and freshness than the genre usually shows. So often post-hardcore tracks are too rough or overdone for the sake of it, but Cute Cute Death have struck up a strong balance that shows promise. Pockets is the first single off forthcoming mini-album Vessels, out Monday 10th August.

You can check out the video for Pockets below.

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