D. S. Bradford – Oceans review

Oceans - CoverHailing from Pennsylvania, solo artist D. S. Bradford released his current single two days ago, and it is far away from most solo work around at the moment; no acoustic guitars or harmonicas, no, this electric-guitar driven track is gritty and pacey, and is more that just a song.

Where many artists simply chose cover art that has either been created by an outsider or is self-explanatory, Bradford has created the work (pictured) for Oceans himself – the central focus of this is his son, but the image also integrates the bond he shares with his fiance. The combination of the paired hands and the world is symbolic of the way in which Bradford believes the world to be connected together, with humanity unifying in peace, regardless of corruption.

The track itself has the sound of a full band; opening with rough guitars that the song revolves around and a strong mix of lyrical and instrumental emphasis, it’s not hard to tell that an expert has helped influence this. The only major flaw I could find in the music was small sections of the vocals – although I don’t doubt that the majority would approve of the slightly electronic/synthesised editing, it felt to me like the only area of the creation that lacked creativity. Keeping the vocals the same throughout, with minimal layering or variation in them, made the track sound ever-so-slightly samey, and deducted from the infectious chorus.

Technically speaking, the instrumental was excellent, and I’d have difficultly finding fault in Bradford’s lyricism – while I’d be lying to say I thought this single was excellent, it’d be true to say that it could be. An early single is never perfect first time, and D. S. Bradford most definitely has the potential there.

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