Dead! at The Old Angel

DEAD!Words: James McBrien

Dead are a very entertaining band to watch perform. They are very vocal with the crowd and receive a very positive reaction all round. It was quite a disappointment to see the low turnout at this event, however they are still a very underground band and I am sure they will blow up soon due to their undeniable talent, unity within the band and very impressive live performances.

To be honest, I only have one problem with this performance and that was that one of the guitars was out of tune and the guitarist was attempting to tune it by ear partway through the performance. I feel that the tuning of instruments should be done before the band get up on stage. I did, however, learn that this was because he had to use the spare guitar at the last minute so although this did detract from my enjoyment of the band – there was a good reason for it. Despite the reason behind it, I feel almost unable to forgive this as I found myself much more drawn to him fumbling with his guitar rather than the actual performance on stage and the music they were playing.

The drummer of the band had some very complicated parts in the songs and played with incredible speed. I kept close watch of his performance to try and catch him out but he did not once make a mistake and if he did, he played it off so well that it was not noticeable – I was very impressed with his performance.

In between two of their songs, there was a joke heckler who shouted a bit of abuse at the band. Realising it was a joke the front man of the band said “in the next song, throw a bottle at me and I will try and catch it – it will look so cool”. Although when the bottle was thrown, the singer was unable to catch it – it did make the band seem much more down to earth and made them much more enjoyable to watch. I must commend the singer for this.

The lead singer jumped into the crowd during one of the songs and was dancing with various members of the crowd. I always find that this makes the band seem much more humble and approachable and I enjoy seeing bands that do this.

Finally I would like to comment on the set overall. It is a set that has obviously been rehearsed and played many times before, the band knew exactly what was coming next and the whole show flowed flawlessly. It was a very enjoyable performance to watch and Dead are definitely are band to watch.

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