DEAD! interview

ADEAD!fter checking our their new single, Phantom, we had the opportunity to catch up with DEAD! Below, they talk about their new video, their “little racket”, and being chased by a pole…

Hi, Dead!

First things first, can you tell us about your current single, Phantom?
It’s actually our first single with a video, we’re really proud of that song. It was written almost a year ago, we all felt it really had something but couldn’t work out what so we were going to scrap it from the CD. Luckily Dan Weller helped us make some changes and it made the cut!

The video to accompany it is focussed on you guys performing in a… cellar? Can you tell us about how you decide what you want in a video?
Well it was our first video so we wanted people to see the band in action, but we also wanted the video for effect the sleazy club the song is written about. We were trying to do a Dead! budget version of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirty’ and it seemed to work! Actually it was a big warehouse in London, we’re not sure if we were legally meant to be there. The owner went a bit psycho at the end and tried to kill us with a pole. It was quite an experience – big props to Turkish for starring in the video and letting us write on him!

The track was taken from your EP, Tu Me Manques, which was released earlier this year. What’s the reaction to it been like online and at shows?
Incredible – its unreal how quickly the fans learnt the words. We still hear about people online who stumble across a few tracks or hear the CD at a friends’ house and go home and download it. People are loving the songs live.

How does it feel to have caught the attention of the likes of Rock Sound, Daniel P Carter, and Zane Lowe?
Scary, haha! No its really really cool of them to take the time out to check out a baby band compared to the stuff you normally hear on those stations. It was all an accident really! Very humbling to see such prestigious people taking notice of our little racket.

You’ve got an upcoming UK tour; where can people see you, and what should they expect?
Everywhere! It’s a full UK tour so theres a date near everyone, head over to our Facebook ( to check out the dates. We’re so excited to do another headline tour so we can take the time to play songs we’ve neglected live recently. We’ve chosen nearly all the venues and supports ourselves, it’s actually going to feel most of the shows ARE the Phantom video which will be really cool – definitely going to be some surprises thrown in to the set list……

Finally, bar touring, what do the band have planned for the rest of the year?
More touring! We’ve sort of caught the ‘music video’ bug now, so we’ll see how that goes. But theres been so much writing going on, losing a member has obviously really given us a lot to think about. A lot of riffs filled with bile and disenchanted lyrics, it’s a darker sound and we do want to head into the studio soon…..

Thanks for taking the time to have a chat, guys!

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