Diagrams – Phantom Power review

PRESS-02Sam Genders, better known under the moniker of Diagrams, last took to his music in the form of left-field pop back with the release of his debut album Black Light in 2012. Two years later and he’s back with a development, his sound falling closer to home in sophomore album Chromatics, due for release on January 19th 2015. “Relationships are a constant thread. In all their frustrating, exciting, mundane, beautiful, wonderful, sexy, scary glory,” reveals Genders of the album’s themes. “And there’s lots of hope in the songs. They shouldn’t be taken too literally mind you… in my head Chromatics is life in Technicolor; with all its ups and downs.”

Phantom Power is the lead track off the record, and can be streamed below; to sum up this unit of the album, Sam explains, “it’s about feeling like you’re losing a grip on your sanity at one moment, then feeling inspired and up for anything the next. Or frustration with yourself yet believing that it’s possible to sort yourself out.”

Gentle electro music mingles with acoustic guitar to form a wonderfully abstract backing for Sam’s vocal work. Like a bizarre mix of Noah and the Whale meets Alt J meets La Roux, this track is impossible to define; as the vocals fuzz up to add a psychedelic hint to the music, it’s even harder. What’s prominent is the feel good feeling of pop music, all melted into an earworm of a track that begs multiple listens for full appreciation.

On 21st January 2015, Gender will be headlining The Lexington, London – tickets available now at www.kililive.com/artists/diagrams

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