Dora Nadine – Summer review

There are literally hundreds of bands that class themselves as nothing more than simply “pop punk quintet”, and if you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to Dora Nadine, it might be easy enough to lump them into this category. There’s a lot more to the band that simply that, though, and the fiery Welsh rockers are sure to make people know that with their latest release, six track Summer. The offering is the band’s first effort for a promising 2015, if the record is anything to go by.

Opening with the title track, the band prove from the opening second how tight they are, consistent riffs in turn backed up with punchy percussion to get you dancing along before the vocals even have chance to start up. Layered “whoa oh ooh”s make it a song that’s dying for a crowd singalong with pits to accompany the melodic slant Dora Nadine take on the genre. 2 Step follows suit with the opening riffs displaying the band’s lighter side, and anthemic vocals in the pre-chorus pumping fans up for the bulk of the track, gang vocals once again demanding attention.

Holding back the sheer force of the music for the first half of the track, Save Your Breath makes it as my favourite off the release, understated and controlled till it all but bursts open to the soaring hooks and addictive lyrics they execute so well, slipping easily into next Bow For The Crown. A quieter backing gives chance to focus in on the storytelling of the track, and playing about with the vocals and key changes continues to make the song a bit special.

Featuring Lily Green, Far Too Long deserves commendation for its vocal effort, the styles combining with a few classic riffs towards the close to add an almost – dare I say it? – dazzling sound to the music. Sub three minutes, closing Our Last Scene is a desperate, pleading and rather emo closer to the release, one that’s bound to be a fan favourite if for no other reason than the level of emotion its delivered with.

There’s no debate as to why Dora Nadine are picking up so much hype online – their vibrant, pumped tracks are bound to have them making a name for themselves soon enough. Watch this space…

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