Du Blonde – Black Flag review

Du Blonde (formerly known as Beth Jeans Houghton) recently revealed her reincarnation, along with the first single under her new title. Safe to say, fans expect her previous baroque pop style will be in for a shock, with her thick, grungey sound fit to burst through the music. Along with the announcement of her new track, there’s the announcement of her forthcoming album – production credit of both works goes to Bad Seed and Grinderman member Jim Sclavunos, whose previous production credits include The Jim Jones Revue and The Horrors. More details of the album’s release on Mute Records will be coming in late spring.

The track (which you can stream below) is the sort to knock you back a few steps with the full volume power it kicks off with. After a heavy bassline and percussion opening is jazzed up with electric riffs and cymbal-powered splashes of music, Beth’s vocals make their mark on the track. The instrumental frequently climaxes to give an added power to the track, and as Du Blonde says of the mood of the record, there’s a sense of pent up anger “finally cracking”.

Despairing vocals allow Beth to show off her vocal range, complimenting the grunge riffs that back up the new direction she’s taken her work in. “I feel no need to ease people in” explains Du Blonde. “Black Flag is a good representation of the direction of the album. There are a few quieter, thoughtful tracks but the general mood is one of finally cracking. The record is a powerful release for me. It’s the result of finally sitting down and taking a look at my life, what I was angry about, what I needed to change.”

You can stream Black Flag below.

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