Du Blonde – Hunter review

Back in May, Beth Jeans Houghton released her sort-of debut album; the first under pseudonym Du Blonde, and a world away from her 2012 offering Your Truly Cellophane. Two years ago, Beth had an epiphany and realised she wasn’t making the sort of music she really wanted to, so scrapped it all and started again. Her full length, Welcome Back To Milk, was one of our favourites of the year, an intriguing and creative listen (you can read our full review here). The new single Hunter has now seen its video release.

The three and a half minute video, which you can check out below, holds an old school, homemade feel to it, perfectly matching the strong but soft vocals Beth provides against decisive riffs. There’s almost a Florence And The Machine-esque power to it, with the controlled and emotive chorus beckoning you to listen closer, whilst promising that the hooks will stick in your mind for hours.

You can watch the video for Hunter below.

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