E of E at Rock City, Nottingham

Last month we checked out the new single from rock quintet E of E, who’re currently on tour with metallers Glamour of the Kill. The tour made it’s way to Nottingham’s Rock City Basement last night, and we headed down to see if the outfit lived up to the high standards they’d set with Stars In Hollywood (which you can check out below). They head to Gloucester’s Guildhall tonight for the penultimate dates of the tour, before winding things up tomorrow in Milton Keynes at Crauford Arms – these are shows definitely worth making.

Having previously been on tour with the likes of The Vamps and McBusted, the band had all the power to take on a crowd of thousands, and the arena mannerisms were aptly transferred to the lively basement of Rock City. This highbrow experience allowed the band to make the most of the show, absolutely smashing their set and winning the crowd over with their infectious hooks and captivating energy, not put off by being on the lighter end of the rock scale to a room of metal fans.

Vocalist Tom Harris leads the band’s enthusiasm, dancing along to the tracks like a teenager in their bedroom with music on full blast, and the rest of the band follow suit, clambering over speakers to take their music to the literal extremes of the show. Despite the fantastic stage presence the band have among their dancing and energy, they don’t lose how tight their sound is, Tom’s vocals cutting neatly through the percussion driven show to give the audience something strong to sing along to.

Stars In Hollywood and closing Waiting For Olivia are the real stand out tracks of the set, and they show clearly that every song they write has the potential to be a single, each as well executed and addictive as the last. The band managed to strike up a fantastic mix of honest, home grown rock material, written themselves and toured hard to reach the masses with, and the sort of act who’ve the the money and luck to get the equipment and experience to perfect their show.

Imagine a radio boy band, the likes of McFly or Busted (when they were two separate bands – am I getting old now?), filled with catchy hooks and pumped up choruses, with all the rock sensibilities of the likes of Mallory Knox. If you mashed up Busted, All American Rejects, Boys Like Girls and All Time Low, you’d be pretty much hitting the spot with their punchy, fun sound.

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