Edenthorn – What’s On Your Mind? review

EDENTHORNHailing from Durham, rock quartet Edenthorn released their debut EP recently, after forming last year. The broad genre of “rock” seems most fitting with a variety of influences resulting in this EP holding the true spirit of a first collected contribution. Single Saviour accompanies three more tracks for the band’s notable initial offering.

Opener, Saviour, welcomes the EP with fuzzed-up riffs that bridge the gap between grunge and psychedelic, before the straight up and honest vocals of frontman Kyle break in the power of the track. Backing vocals from bassist Faiba embellish the simplistic sound, hinting at a 90s pop-grunge undertone to make a statement of the track. The slightly quiet vocals may have benefited from a touch louder, grittier emphasis in places, but as it is the effect is a slightly hazy, grungey track.

Life & Death holds the power in the vocals that the opener lacked, with naughties pop-grunge-esque riffs providing supporting to the forward, driving vocals. A lul in the middle of the track proves a strangely placed break and sharp change in the mood of the song, changing to pick up colder vocals and the loss of the pop edge to the track, before the more intricate Time To Change induces foot tapping with its intricate and tight opening.

Finale, The Final Straw, is another one for interesting luls and pick-ups, switching between acoustic and full-band seemingly without motivation. Again, there is the sensation that the vocals should be a little stronger to kick through the fuzz of the instrumental, and that there isn’t quite enough grip in them, but that doesn’t deduct from the cold, hard truth; this is a debut to be proud of.

Edenthorn hold a strong grunge influence in their midst, enhanced by roping in other genres to accompany the Nirvana-esque sound they freshen up. An impressive debut, and one to watch.

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