EnterTheLexicon – Full Moon review

eltfmHands up confession; I reviewed EnterTheLexicon’s debut EP way back in May, and after giving their new single Full Moon a once over, it would appear I’d forgotten how simply brilliant their work is. We previously praised the penultimate track off their self-titled release for its lyricism and honesty, but on closer inspection there’s so much more to the track.

Full Moon is the second single to be release off the EP, and after their debut trackĀ gained the attention of Kerrang! and Scuzz, there’s no surprise in the brilliance of it. Released in late November, the music video is quite simply eye candy in terms of cinematography, from the colour schemes to the lethargic portrayal all in keeping with the song.

The track’s opening is fit to burst, control over the available power excellently maintained as the minute long build up to the addictive chorus stays withheld. Mykl Barton’s vocals keep a low-key, minimalist vibe to the track, edging on gravelly whilst keeping a foot in fluidity, later switching to accompany the belter of the chorus with fiery passion. Contagious hook, “I could get lost in you / And you could get lost in me” is destined to leave a live show as a singing collective, and at five minutes, it’s a triumph that the work’s not overdone.

You can check out the band’s video below:

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