Exist Immortal – Darkness Of An Age [Deluxe] review

Last week we posted our thoughts on Exist Immortal’s newest track, The Void – this is the first to be announced on their upcoming release (you can check out our thoughts here) – the release comes as a deluxe version of their 2014 full length; Darkness Of An Age. Despite calling England home, their success in America was what pushed the band to issue the new edition, featuring four new tracks. After spending the last few years building up a worldwide fanbase, this is the perfect offering to captivate new fans and live up to the expectation long-standing ones will have.

The first of the new tracks, Delirium, is distinct for the powerful vocals it encompasses, especially in riveting line, “where were you when I was desperate?” The use of clean vocals show Exist Immortal don’t need to resort to a harsh style to have an impact with their work, winding in the same power that each of the original ten songs did to create an absolute belter; something the band really excel at doing. The Void makes its mark with the signature riffs we praised previously, and there’s no dispute in the quality the new tracks hold.

Thirteenth Fractured is one of two off the record to feature guest vocals, this time from Gaz King, breaking up the onslaught of storming riffs. Soaring vocals in the masterful chorus lead to an intricate instrumental close that shows the band know how to make something fantastic under their own steam, with Gaz’s contribution only solidifying the excellence of the work.

Deluxe album closer Insanity Project pt.2 perfectly complements the album opener (Insanity Project pt.1). Although the gentle sound and understated suspense of the track, especially in the opening synthesised half minute and introduction on the piano, stands apart from the rest of the album with its subtlety and delicacy, there’s the same passion in the vocals. It feeds off and follows on from the undertones of the opening track, with the clearer vocals drawing attention to the lyricism, and the worldly voice in them giving a very surreal sound. For it’s composition and juxtaposition, highlighting the fantastic control, it’d be wrong to describe the track as anything but exceptionally brilliant.

When an artists releases a deluxe album, there’s always the debate of if people who already own the record will think it’s worth paying an album’s amount for an EP’s worth of work – in this case, yes, yes it is worth it. I can’t say it any better than that.

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