Eyes Of A Blue Dog – Blow review

Last month, Anglo-Norwegian trio Eyes Of A Blue Dog released their second album, Harmatia, after their debut “ambient dreamtronica” Rise in 2012. In the words of the band’s own Rory Simmons, the release is, “kind of an alt-pop, experimental cross between Massive Attack/Little Dragon and Portishead.” The band recently unveiled Blow off the album, a five minute glimpse into the world of Eyes Of A Blue Dog that’ll leave you sure to demand more.

The track’s strongest influence could be cited to The Cardigans, with vocals at times so similar to Nina Perrson’s that you could be fooled in the difference between the two. Dreamy and lethargic, the electronica-sparkle laden track is the sort to entice you in gently, and before you realise the five minutes will have elapsed, and you’ll find yourself so captivated you can’t resist putting the track on again. Engaging and intriguing, it’s promising offering.

You can stream Blow below.

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