Fans Of Faye – Designed To Be review

Fans Of Faye have been around since 2003, but this is their debut album. I don’t think the word “impressed” does it justice.

If I’m honest, my first impression was that the album might be “just another soft alternative-rock album”. After about half a minute I’m proved wrong though, by a sudden surge in the music. The chord changes and structured rises and falls in the music separate this opening track from many I’ve heard, and the repeated line “someone take me, save my soul” adds a clarity and accuracy that indicates experience in the band. This is continued into the second track, Paint The Sun, which matches the quiet ending of the opener with a slow instrumental build up over focussed, attention-grabbing lyrics. This shows the band’s talent in not only song writing, but in writing an album.

Fans Of Faye have a distinctive yet unique sounds, which is highlighted in songs such as (personal favourite) Are You Finished, in which they have constructed a breakdown that steps away from the usual musical clichés of one – probably in the fact that it’s pretty damn good. The band know how to make their work original too, with tracks such as Hunting Season Begins having interesting aspects – in this case, the opening minute and a half really grasped me, and with lines such as “tell your sons to love their guns”; if the music doesn’t draw your attention you, the lyrics will.

It’s hard to narrow it down, but the years that have been put into making this album have most definitely paid off – this is a far cry from so many debut albums that only highlight a band’s uncertainty of their own sound. This is an album that shows promise, and is more than the common starting blocks than most bands work from with a debut album.

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