Fights And Fires/Idle Class – Split 7 Inch review

FAFIC1Words: Mark McConville

This split 7 inch by punk rock bands Fights And Fires and Idle Class is a dreamy and radical piece of music. The bands are crazily in love with what they do. The passion is incorporated and the spirit endless. The record isn’t extravagant or overly produced, it is rough and unapologetic, keeping the hardcore punk heart racing.

Fights And Fires hail from the UK. Their sound is generated through compelling riffs, a mixture of snotty nosed vocals and razor sharp sneers. The blend works just like a pouch of tobacco or a well oiled machine, they’re ambitious, a perfect punk band sticking their ribs out and keeping their heads raised.

Idle Class are from Germany. The band focus on simple guitar sequences and epic choruses. Managing to create a scene even in the head of the most unimaginative person. The band, arch their instruments forward, barricading themselves from disenchantment. The punk style and its presence is still relevant when bands like this are still circling the well lit fire.

The 7 inch starts with Fights Are Fires proving that they are decisive. Happy commences the record. A song that rattles along with a guitar riff drenched in conviction. It is a punk track, formed by hands and heads that throb. Maps is vivid lyrically. It’s very poetic and progresses very well. When listening on you may feel like you’ve been transported into a dark world full of scavenging demons that will purr for your blood.

Idle Class are a little more polished with their two songs. The two tracks are still laced in punk spirit, they still burn like vodka flowing down the throat of an under seasoned drinker. But, by being more defined the songs paint a more serene picture. Die Trying is the first offering. A well composed track that begins with a infectious guitar sequence. The vocals pounce and the drums ache. The vocals aren’t swept under, they’re prominent and engrossing. What Would Bukowski Do?┬áis plugged with intelligent lyrics that progress. The band are sophisticated without being obnoxious, treating their music like a beloved.

This 7 inch record contains two bands that embrace their music with highly charged hearts. They’re ready to be two big red dots on the punk radar.


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