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Forever After Promo 2A few days ago we posted our review of Forever After’s latest offering – we got to catch up them, and here’s what went down.

Hi, Forever After!
Your EP, Just Another Year¸ is due for release on August 25th, can you tell us a bit about it?
​Its our 3rd EP in two years, We feel that our new EP ‘Just Another Year’ is the strongest stuff we have ever written.
Its basically sums up our lives in 5 tracks.

What prompted you to title the EP as such – although it shares its title with one of the tracks, has it been just another year for you?
​Its been a year since we released our last EP. All the songs on it are about what has happened in the last year, like girlfriends leaving, relationships, friends going traveling, getting new jobs, things like that!​

There are absolutely loads of influences in this record, so how do you incorporate them all and keep your own “sound” throughout?
​We all add our own influences into this band, it makes up our sound. We try not to sound the same as all the other bands out there today, so it takes us a long time to be 100% happy with a track when we finish writing it.
Its very easy to get distracted when writing songs, you find yourself listening to other songs/bands and thinking ‘ah shit, that sounds just like that new song we wrote’.

Your describe yourselves as having “British geezer vocals”, what’s that supposed to mean?
​We are British and sound like right geezersss mate!​

What’s the reaction been like to your current work so far, online and live?
​So far its been pretty cool, considering we are only a small band, and have only released one track from the new!
People seem to dig it!​

What’re the band’s plans for the rest of the summer?
​Release this new EP! Play some shows. Party and have fun!​

And, finally, where can people catch you live next?
​​Oct 2- Joiners – Southampton
​Oct 3 – V bar – Colchester
Oct 4 – Sanctuary – Basingstoke
Oct 5​ – The Lanes – Bristol

Thanks, guys!

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