Forrest. – Close To Me Review

On July 16th, alternative rockers Forrest. will be releasing their debut album Soluna via Close To Home records after a year of writing and recording. The album is an eight track offering of nostalgia-meets-hope infused music, opening a new chapter for the South Wales rockers. Right at the back end of last year, the band released their first single off the record, Close To Me, which you can stream below.

At a mere two and a half minutes long, Close To Me scarcely feels like a taster of what’s to come. Sharp, clean vocals soar over the riff driven music, catchy hooks that are bound to be a live show hit. Though the vocals could benefit from being a little more hard hitting and the song feels a little cut short, it’s enough to whet one’s appetite for the full release.

You can stream Close To Me below.

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