Fred Abbott – Adrenaline Shot review

Noah and the Whale may be only spoken of in the past tense nowadays, but the band’s members had to wind up somewhere, and Fred Abbott (keyboard and guitars of the band) is set to release his debut solo album next month. On July 20th, Abbott releases ten track Serious Poke, with the help of former band mates; Adrenaline Shot is set to commence the offering.

The opener, which you can stream below, is a two-minute-forty blast from the past; riffs and soaring lyrics that make up the track are heavily reminiscent of the old band. A country twang encompasses the song and bolder vocals separate it from tracks such as Tonight’s The Kind Of Night, a lyrically similar number from Noah and the Whale, but in many ways it feels like a less catchy version of the band. However, there’s not denying Abbott’s talent and the instrumentation shows how much he brought to NatW, setting him up for a promising debut.

Stream Adrenaline Shot below.

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