Frog Eyes – Joe With The Jam review

August 28th sees the release of Pickpocket’s Locket, Frog Eyes’ latest offering, a Canadian indie-rock troupe making music as interesting as their name would suggest. Speaking of the album’s creation, frontman Carey Mercer said, “An acoustic guitar is still, in 2015, a very effective way of transmitting one’s song. I made a deal with myself: write ten songs, write all the words before anyone gets to hear any of the songs, memorize the songs so that I become the hard-drive that the acoustic guitar accesses. I mostly, if not totally, kept to this deal, which is rare: I’m generally pretty easy on myself.”

Out via Paper Bag records, the ten track release saw its first single premiered on Pitchfork. Joe With The Jam, which you can stream below, is an intriguing four and a half minutes of tentative percussion bouncing off thick backing. From this straightforward setting blossoms a frenzy of instrumental, all coated in Mercer’s liquid vocals, rolled around with the slightest of rough Alvin Stardust-esque edges.

You can stream Joe With The Jam below.

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