Gentian – NightLight review

Although Gentian wasn’t formed at a band until 2011, the pair that the act comprises of have been working together of music for a number of years beforehand. Sister duo D.D. and Jingle began dabbling in the world of music sister the latter, the instrumentalist of the pair, was gifted an old acoustic and “How to play Guitar” book at twelve years old. From these humble beginnings their music grew, and in 2012 they began to distribute their work to the public.

Taken from their most recent offering In The Dark, released earlier this month, NightLight was recorded with the help of Andy Rugg (Coldplay, Beyonce, Jay-Z). Despite the rockier side to their music that was brought about by the gift of electric guitars, NightLight is a three and a half minute gentle number. With vocal work that’s precise to the description “hauntingly beautiful”, the acoustically driven backing creates more of an atmosphere than a mere backing to the music.

D.D.’s captivating vocals feel frailer than the instrumental that accompanies them, but this relaxing compromise of swelling sound and understated vocals leaves the song feeling like it could burst open at any moment.

Listen to NightLight below.

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