Ghost On Tape (+ supports) at JT Soar, Nottingham

There’s something special about gigs at JT Soar. No, it’s not a venue that can hold thousands, nor does it have half the national grid’s energy dedicated to its light show, but it has one of the best environments I’ve seen in an independent venue, and the shows are always quirky and promising. Last night, Seeing Your Scene celebrated their almost-first birthday in this glorious corner of Nottingham, with French punk rockers Ghost On Tape headlining the show.

Opening the show were quirky pop-punk duo Holy Pinto, a band we’ve previously seen give an incredible performance at the same venue, and Wednesday night proved no different. With a Front Bottoms-esque raw honesty the band delivered punchy number after another, personal favourite once again coming in the mount from spoken word to a power house of sound with Hospitals. They’ve a knack for crafting these staccato, rapid tracks, and for the amount of noise they can come out with you wouldn’t believe they were a two piece.

Cheltenham trio Austeros followed hot on their heels, with a set powered by easily one of the best drummers I’ve seen on the DIY circuit. Self-described as “breakneck pop”, the band have an addictive and compelling vibe to their live show that can only be described as “cool”, with thick bass reverberating through the music – and the floor – whilst riffs dance across it. Again, these are one of those bands whose show deserves to have the popularity of the mainstream venues, and yet would seem out of place their for their individuality.

If the other two acts had come on with force, there aren’t word for the energy that headliners Ghost On Tape entered with; as a gauge, by the end of the half hour set it looked as though frontman Francesco Brown had run the best part of a marathon. Relentless energy streamed from their set, enough to leave the crowd moving, if not knocking the front row back a bit. This is exactly how punk rock should be; underground, home-away-from-home-ly, rigorous and passionate.

These sort of bands are all well and good when listening to studio versions, but nothing quite compares to getting down to a show and partying with a bunch of mates (because by the end of the night, everyone is mates). The remaining tour dates are below.


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