Grassfight – Please Don’t Tell review

If song’s were images, Grassfight’s latest single Please Don’t Tell, recently premiered on Clash and taken off their forthcoming EP of the same name, would be a stolid couple driving through Blair Witch-esque woods along less-traveled paths in the middle of the night, possibly with a half-broken headlight and an impending sense of doom. And if songs were cars, this four and a half minute force would be a Volvo – a proper, old Volvo. Able to take a battering, the track’s thick, wall-of-sound style, deliberate, precise pace, atmospheric weight, and miserable-Blondie slant give the trusty and ruthless feel but real charisma those old beauties did.

After Mark Demiglio joined couple-at-the-time Nathan Forster and Tamsi New in 2010, this batter-proof ability was needed to bear the smashed equiment and studio walkouts that came with a fourth-member hunt. In time, along came Andrew Kerr to bulk the band up to the full sound you hear today and will be present of their new EP, out on October 9th via Cold Records. Please Don’t Tell is a rough and tumbled number fit to withstand a few blows.

You can listen to Please Don’t Tell below.

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