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HOURS CROSSFIREHOURS have been together for just over a year, since their release of debut single Casino Lights last July – we had a catch up with the band about their development, new single, and upcoming tour!

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us!
Hey, no problem, happy to do it!

You’ve recently celebrated your one year anniversary of being a band – how much has happened in that time?
We’ve played a lot of shows up and down the country, made a lot of new friends and generally tried to get our name out there and had a lot of fun doing so. We’ve also grown quite a lot as a group of friends.

Your next single, Crossfire, is due to be released this August – can you tell us a bit about it?
We’re really excited to put this song out, for us, it’s a happy, catchy song but with a few darker undertones. It’s changed a lot since we put the pieces together and we’re each really proud to have contributed our own little something to the song, I think that’s why for us it HAD to be our next single.

How do you feel the band has developed since your debut single, Casino Lights?
Well, Rob now has a goatee? In all seriousness I think that we’ve developed much more as a unit and as we said before we’re a much better group of friends. I think we hang out a lot more than we did in previous bands and that’s really helped in the writing process.

You’ve built up a fan base pretty quickly, getting attention from the likes of BBC Introducing and supporting We Are The Ocean and Natives on tour – how’s all that been?
One of the things we enjoy the most is interacting with our fans, whether it be online or at shows. Playing these shows and working with BBC introducing has been a great platform for us to do that.

You’ve got a tour coming up next month – when/where, and what can people expect?
For some reason we told ‘Kerrang!’ people can expect cake, so I guess there’s an outside chance of that! We’re looking forward to these shows and we have been for a while so everyone can expect an energetic performance from 5 guys who’ll leave their everything on the stage. You can see us an any of the following:
August 01 LONDON – Relentless Garage 2
03 BIRMINGHAM – Rainbow
04 NEWCASTLE – Think Tank
05 MANCHESTER – Sound Control
06 NOTTINGHAM – The Maze
07 NORWICH – Waterfront
08 LEICESTER – Lock42

And, finally, other than touring and releasing the single, are there any more plans for the summer?
Yeah, lot’s more to look forward to. We’re currently booking another tour which we’re really excited about and maybe there’s a chance of another music video on the horizon. Plus, a couple of the guys are heading to Reading Festival to check out some of our own favourite bands.

Thanks, guys!
Thanks for having us!

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