Ideomotor – Amplified review

At Mentioned, there are few things we love more than quirky European electronica, and Finnish duo Ideomotor appeal delightfully in this category. Taking a slant of the genre and describing themselves as “indielectro”, the Helsinki childhood friends talked about making a band for years; in 2014, Erkka Wennonen (Synth / Guitar) and Kimmo Myllyviita (Vocals / Synths / Guitar) came together to make something of it. In March of this year, the pair released their debut EP For A Moment We Are Strangers, and they’re already back with new work.

Several weeks ago Line Of Best Fit premiered new track Amplified, a dark and mysterious song that allows the influences of New Order and Depeche Mode to throb through the synthesisers. Take the opening line (one that also abruptly closes the track), “the greatest ambition in life is to become immortal, and then die”, delivered in a taunting child’s voice. Melancholy creeps into the music more than there though, and gripping whispers murmur in the undertones of the track, putting an eerily human touch on an electronics lead number. It’s a stunning, dark piece.

You can stream Amplified below.

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