Ideomotor – When We Begin review

Forget any idea you might have that electronica’s soaring synths inspire happiness and energy – thought-provoking Finnish duo Ideomotor are here to change that. After the release of recent single Amplified just over a month ago, a track which eerily began with the line “the greatest ambition in life is to become immortal, and then die”, the childhood friends Erkka Wennonen and Kimmo Myllyviita are back with new song When We Begin, premiered through Clash Magazine.

This new offering is far more gradual in instrumental build up, allowing Kimmo’s vocals to take the forefront of the music. Lyrically, there is the rock-influenced melancholy that made Amplified so striking, combined with the stripped back backing creating an almost objective, omniscient atmosphere. Delicate undertones are given leash as the second half of the track builds momentum, but the five minute work is kept under a continuously tight rein; this vocal to undertones balance in fact bears a strong resemblanceS to Biffy Clyro’s Skylight.

Speaking of the track’s creation, Erkka said, “Our producer Sami Baldauf came to the rescue/stripped everything to the minimum and really found the essence of the song. In the end it turned out to be some of our strongest work to date in our opinion and actually catches the essence of what the song was all about in the first place – the moments when things take a new direction, be it either consciously by choice or the times when we’re utterly unaware of the significance of them.”

You can stream When We Begin below.

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