Idols of Apathy – Unheard Words review

IOAWords: Ella Higginbotham

Putting out your debut EP is always the most exciting time for new bands, and Essex-based metal band Idols of Apathy did it in style. They’ve burst into the music scene with their energy-packed EP, Unheard Words, which can be found as a full stream on YouTube on the band’s channel or as a free download on BandCamp.  This particular EP can certainly be characterised as progressive metal, not only through the songs themselves, but also as the build up through the EP as a whole.

The record opens with Rebirth – an instrumental track that smoothly builds up the techno and catchy guitar riffs before introducing the thrash of the drums, a very simple and clever start to the EP.  Then comes the track that would make you jump when it comes up on shuffle – Death Row. The song explodes and Jack (lead vocals) finally has his voice heard as he injects passion and vigour into the track. It’s the song that your grandma hates, but you’re still going to get up and head bang along with it anyway. This is definitely sustained into track number three The Devil’s Clock Tower which screams urgency and energy (as you can probably guess, this EP is very energetic) and you can just tell that, as a live performance, a mosh pit is definitely needed. The penultimate track Ventriloquist does exactly what the title says; it speaks on behalf of people and even though some would say “what the fuck? You can’t even understand what he is saying”, there is a definite message and idea behind the song that the band portray through their music. Then I guess you could say that the EP reaches its climax with Deceiver that is packed with punch and aggression and somehow sums up the whole EP, and gives the band a personality and individuality that makes you want the start it all over again.

If you then still can’t get enough of Idols of Apathy, I highly suggest that you check out their videos for Deceiver and The Devil’s Clock Tower which bring the songs to life and lets you see the band in action. It is obvious that they love what they do – and who can blame them? They pull off the metal appearance with style and confidence.

Even though Idols of Apathy won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, if their style is your thing then they won’t disappoint. A little birdy has told me that you might be seeing a lot more of them so definitely look out for them; you might just find your new favourite band! A big well done to Jack, Dean, Tom, Joe, Elliot and George for making a solid debut EP.

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