Inner Tongue – Tz, Ka EP review

INNERTONGUEThis weekend we checked out the new single, Tz, Ka, off Inner Tongue’s EP of the same title, and tomorrow marks the release of the full thing. Though only three tracks long and feeling like somewhat of a taster pot of his music capabilities, they’re a personal triumph for Inner Tongue. After an operation and being put out of music for eight months, he continued to work on writing lyrics, harmonies and melodies, with Tz, Ka being the accomplishment of his toils.

Standing at four and a half minutes might make the opening title track unconventionally long for a single, but Inner Tongue has managed to make the music swell and deflate and almost suspend time with the delicacy he caresses the sound with. Despite this dreamy synopsis, there’s an undertone of melancholy in the bassline that his fragile vocals fight valiantly against, creating a subtle turbulence in the atmosphere of the song.

Fallen Empire makes use of repeated lines and words to form a hypnotic sound to the track, pulsing and showing off the level of production it’s had applied to it, along with the work poured in from across the world. Besides the fact that Somebody Knows It had a piano-lead ballad style to it, there’s something very special about the track – possibly that it was recorded on the first take, and therefore has a special, fresh feel. Staccato beats fleck the song to contrast the soaring vocals creating an intense and powerful mood to the song.

It’s very neatly crafted, and an EP that blows many electronica artists out the window, with an emotive passion dancing through the beats. A concentrated work, you can tell there’s been a long time spent delicately selecting the perfect sound in every song – and it’s paid off.

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