Inner Tongue – Tz, Ka review

At the start of next week (June 1st), Inner Tongue is set to release his debut EP Tz, Ka, the title track of which has already racked up over 23K listens on SoundCloud, and has been raved about by all manner of websites. One listen to the track and it’s not hard to see why – the Austrian electro-pop artist produces a sincere brand of light hearted music, perfectly transparent in the track.

Standing at four and a half minutes might make it unconventionally long for a single, but Inner Tongue has managed to make the music swell and deflate and almost suspend time with the delicacy he caresses the sound with. Despite this dreamy synopsis, there’s an undertone of melancholy in the bassline that Inner Tongue’s fragile vocals fight valiantly against, creating a subtle turbulence in the atmosphere of the song.

Listen to Tz, Ka below.

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