Introducing: Little Bribes

Formed in February of this year in the best way possible (bonding over a mutual love of 90s emo music), four piece Little Bribes (“like the Death Cab For Cutie song innit”) are a new contribution to Nottingham’s rock music scene. Boasting strong DIY roots, the band are already working their way round the city’s underground music live slots, as well as recording their debut single Reboot/Blood Bank live at independent venue JT Soar, with the help of producer Phil Booth (Plaids).

Today marks the release of their debut tracks – doing singles the good ol’ fashioned way, we approve – split between an original, and their own take on Bon Iver’s Blood BankReboot releases a sound that wouldn’t be too out of place on Brand New’s Your Favourite Weapon, in two and a half minutes letting the Brian Sella-esque deadpan meet the flatsound-esque raw pangs with the vocal work. Choppy instrumental lifts the work’s mood, with a focus on guitar intricacies dancing in the music’s backing.

Elsewhere, the band’s violent, edgy rendition of a previously delicate track evolves the sound into something entirely different. Rough and tumbled, this is what Bon Iver would sound like after a few years on the run with Foo Fighters.

You can stream the single below, via BandCamp.

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