Introducing: Permanent Ability

Permanent AbilityPermanent Ability have won a lot of awards. They have also worked with a lot of people who have won a lot of awards. Apparently, George Clinton is a fan of theirs. What I can tell you that is of any use to, say, the average everyday listener who is more impressed but a good riff than an Emmy, is that the band was launched by Brian Lanese (who has won a lot) in 2008. Lanese sings/writes/produces all the music and lyrics, which in my naive, uneducated opinion would make him a singer/songwriter with a backing band. Then again, I haven’t won an Emmy.

The band describe themselves as a “commercial ready band, proven by notable and respectable corporations”, but whether this impacts if they are any good or not is a different matter. They also describe themselves as “a band whose sound and style are incomparable to the dime-a-dozen and clichéd acts found in Los Angeles”, and are releasing a full-length record next year. Their current three singles, Hey Now, Little Black Bra and Good At Losing, are the best judge of the quality of their sound.

The band describe their genre as “funk rock”, but other than sounding distinctly American, county and western with hints of reggae/folk it’s hard to pin this down. Other than Lanese’s vocals sound distinctly weak, either needing backing or more power to support them, and the tracks feeling unsettled in style yet repetitive individually, the music isn’t entirely bad, but it doesn’t sound at a stage ready for a full length album yet. Feel free to leave your own opinion in the comments – you can check out single Little Black Bra below.

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