Introducing: REPORTERS

As new founded two pieces go, the big hype at the moment currently lies around Slaves, and as recent breakthroughs go, the mind jumps to the likes of Catfish and the Bottleman and Royal Blood (coincidentally, the band have already shared a stage with the former two of the list). Perhaps if you took a stab somewhere between this trio of cutting edge rock acts, you’d find yourself near REPORTERS, but you’d be closer thinking of the lazy swagger of early Arctic Monkeys meets The Cribs.

The duo – Dan Stock (vocals & guitars) and Josh Ringsell (drums & backing vocals), both only 18 years old – released their debut EP Seen Leaving last year, with follow up Only Noise coming out yesterday. The three track offering was recorded in two days last December with Angus Wallace (The Fall, Spiritualized, Ian Brown) at Far Heath studios, and came out on their own label, Phret Records.

The EP’s opening title track (which you can watch the video for below) has already racked up nearly three thousand listens, and Dan reveals something of it’s creation; “I wanted to capture a youthful energy without it sounding clichéd or throwaway. It’s about both sides of the endless tension and arguments in a tired relationship and not willing to be the punch bag anymore.”

Between fuzzy guitar and engaging vocals there’s a distinct lack of bass, but somehow they compensate for this with a readiness that adds electricity to the music – at any moment it feels ready to burst open into gang vocals or subdue to a guitar solo.

Moving on, Easy Does It is a dingy but longing for the future track of unapologetic statement, allowing the instrumental to speak through the beaten down but determined vocals, whilst acoustic In A Minute winds up proceedings with three minutes of raw, one take, hazy honesty.

REPORTERS have something about them, a youthful urge or rock ‘n’ roll magic, that makes them such an interesting phenomena. They’re not shouting for attention, but they’re powering on through and doing a smashing job at it.

Watch the video for Only Noise below

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