Introducing: ZOHARA

Though there’s little currently known about Zohara, it’s clear she’s onto something special. The Israeli singer/songwriter has already recorded her debut album in her bedroom (though if you were none the wiser you could be tricked into thinking a full recording studio was used) but there’s little to be found of her music online. Whilst she remains somewhat of a mystery, the potential she’s currently showing is setting her up for a soaring career.

Several weeks ago we posted her first “official” single, Bass & Drum, as our track if the week, but a quick glance at her YouTube channel shows she’s been this good for a while. Take her first music video, Soldier, in all its screeching pop psychedelia glory. Electronic pops shift to arcade machine style music, before her vocals wind themselves it – think the high pitched, marginally distorted sound of The Cardigans. With a terrific, slightly unsettling video to compliment the sound, the track’s popularity is easy to understand.

Fast forward past vocal lead and saxaphone infused Piano 1976 with it’s lazy and controlled pace, to her newest offering, Bass & Drum. The poppy single has all the potential to go straight to mainstream radio, a carefree instrumental cut up with haunting vocals that dance around like a music box ballerina on acid, accompanied by a mesmerising video. Her forthcoming work promises to keep up the standard, ebbing and flowing gracefully and proving she’s very much more than a one-hit-wonder.

Watch the video for Bass & Drum below.

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