It Escaped From Brooklyn! review

If you’re a fan of all manner of indie- and punk-rock, right through to metal, this compilation album will be, uh, music to your ears. Released digitally via #VirtualVinyl, the podcast style released masters all the tracks to CD quality, and blends them seamlessly into one, creating a feeling of listening to a record on vinyl. At almost half an hour in length, this is overpowering grunge from the opening riff.

Seven artists are featured on the release, which will be available via Factory Fast Records, from America, the UK and Finland – the rock bands featured are┬áDeath Ape Disco, Gravity Guild, Mongrel, Of Clocks and Clouds, Whispering Dolls, Gordon’s Alive, and Electric Wheels of Confusion.

The track artists on the record come together to create a punk-infused and grunge orientated heavy release, ideal for the ultimate rock fans. You can check out the highlights of the release below –

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