James – Moving On music video

“It is 2014, I’m on the phone to Tim and he is describing how they came to write this song, and what the words mean to him. The story he tells me is deeply moving; one thing that stayed with me is his describing death as a birth. Some days later this conversation echoes around my mind while I’m listening to ‘Moving On’ I walk past a typical Scottish woollen knitwear shop. My eyes flit over a ball of wool in the window while the word ‘unwinding’ is sung. Pretty quickly I’m leaving a garbled, over excited message on Tim’s phone about the music video I have in my head.”
– Ainslie Henderson, BAFTA winning animator and director, and creator of the music video.

James are back, and have drawn a lot of attention with their new music video for their track Moving On (which you can watch below). Despite being frequently described as “beautiful and heart warming”, I can only agree with half of that statement; I’d be more inclined to say the video was en route to breaking my heart, although its beauty is indisputable.  Made entirely of string, this video is unlike anything I have seen previously, a real triumph which fits sublimely with the lyrics of the track, and a frequent tear-jerker. Few music videos are created in such a unique manner to enhance the art created, but this most definitely succeeded in that respect. You read a short passage from the lead singer of James below, and watch the video.

“Animation takes weeks and is painstaking work, for the animator, compared to that of most videos…That Ainslie found such a perfect medium to fit our song blows us away. He delivered on the promise of his script and then some. This is the first video we have made that we consider to be a work of art.”
– Tim Booth, lead singer of James


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