James Robinson – Start A Fire EP

JRWords: Josh Jones

To take the step from leaving the comfort of a touring band and to go your own way can be tough. Leaving behind the Brighton-based alt-pop Two Spot Gobi and all their touring success in the UK, Europe and the USA, Devon-born James Robinson shifted his focus on to his own singer-songwriting abilities.

In the veins of household names and fellow Devonians Ben Howard and Lewis Watson, Robinson confidently exposes his personal treasure trove, starting with 2012’s ‘Ropes’ EP, and the soon-to-be-released ‘Start A Fire’ EP, produced by Max Gilkes. The EP’s result is a proud achievement.

At times ‘Start a Fire’ is hopeful and wrapped in energies, other times it is pragmatic and contemplative. Creatively speaking the EP is real and lively – something people will quickly pick up upon.

The title track would be greatly appreciated by fans of Ed Sheeran. The backing vocals pleasantly mix with Robinson’s voice to create sensational storytelling. However I think its ‘Demons’ that really steals the show. Deepening the already expansive atmosphere on the first song, ‘Demons’ is more mature, more cynical, and Robinson stylishly creates a mood to get lost in.

Robinson should have both eyes fixated on the future, as I can see the ‘Start a Fire’ EP and his following work to be highly appreciated. I’d love to see a tour (or a collaboration, perhaps?) between himself and James Veck-Gilodi, as their music sits perfectly side by side.

‘Start a Fire’ will be released December 1st. You can stream the title track here.

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