Jet Setter – Never Had It So Good review

This month has seen the release of the debut EP from Dublin based indie rockers, Jet Setter. The six track offering, Never Had It So Good, was recorded in a mere two days – highly productive, as you can imagine – at Meadow Studios with Rian Trench. The indie-rockers cite influences among the likes of The Replacements, The Clean and The Stooges, and among all the online hype they’ve managed to drum up, there are some big comparisons for them – it’s no surprise, then, how brilliant the record is.

Riffs that soar like those in U2’s City Of Blinding Lights open the record in Archipelago, settling down to create a sound laying as a crossover Catfish And The Bottlemen and Fatherson. Strong vocals hold a gravity that pulls the music together amid the distant cymbals clashes and dancing guitar, giving the EP a solid basis to kick off from.

Despite the thick guitar that opens Never Have Kids, a dreamy, faraway sound grows into the instrumental and meandering vocals to step the band away from the empowering opening. Forget About It comes in stronger again, with a 90s, grungey edge to the distorted vocals and backing, particularly notable on the guitar that revives the music after a lul at the two minute mark, filling the home straight with a compelling instrumental.

Fourth Truth Of Life pairs deadpan vocals precisely with fast guitar to form a two and a half minute blast that’s a perfect sample of Jet Setter’s brilliance, all padded out with splashes of cymbals. Melodic and more straightforward, Swerve Tours still holds the edge to the vocals, before closing Nothing Left To Say To You, easily the most instrumental heavy and almost experimental, closes the record. All but overpowered vocals change the focus of the track, making it one that’ll be liable to lengthy feedback solos in a live show.

Never Had It So Good is a ridiculous accomplishment for a debut offering from a band showing staggering amounts of talent, and it’s no surprise where they earned their comparisons to the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins. Stream Not Yet below.

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